Import and save as a mini story?

I’ve been able to import my own material, but LingQ saves it as a lesson. How do I save it as a mini story instead?

As I understand it a mini-story is a lesson. A single, contained piece of written/audio imported into LingQ so you can use their transcriber and vocab stuff. A course is a collection of lessons.

In short, a mini-story is just a name. Is there a something in studying your lesson that makes it not a mini-story?

Hi cerealbus, it’s a mini novel (14 chapters), so perhaps it’s just for that reason that I think it should be classified as a mini story rather than a lesson. I’d like to share it with the LingQ community, so for the sake of discoverability I’d rather that it be put in the right place.

I think, when you are creating the lesson, that you need to create a new course.
Then you can save your lesson in the course you just created.

Hi Payne. I’m guessing they won’t want to have it designated as a mini-story as these are “official” mini-stories so to speak.

I think yours probably makes sense in the “books” section.

Right, as Eleonora said, my suggestion would be to create the lessons in a course so they’re contained.

As for discoverability, I’m not sure how that all works, but I’d guess course and lesson likes, making sure all the lessons are tagged at an appropriate level. Getting it supported by LingQ is a different story, I’m sure there’s some sort of internal criteria they use.