Import Amazon prime content?

Hi all, is it possible to import videos with subtitles from amazon prime?

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Does Amazon have a lot of subtitles in different languages like Netflix? I have Amazon Prime but never use it.

I find it less good for having foreign language subtitles so harder to watch British/US films in other languages. But would be really good for foreign language films or films from other countries. Not on the scale of netflix though.

Amazon prime’s language options are pretty lame. Netflix is really pushing to be an international platform, and Amazon is way behind on that game.

If you were learning English it would be a very good platform.

Man, I love Netflix and Prime for this!!!
Yeah, Netflix is easier to locate target language shows and films, but I do still find a hell of a lot on both streaming services.
I’m studying Italian, and I just search for Italian films, Italian TV shows. Then I make sure the audio is in Italian and that there are English subtitles.
Prime even has a ton of spaghetti westerns, but I could hardly find any with Italian audio. They hardly ever say anything in those films, anyway.
It would be nice if they had the subtitles in English and the target language, but I have not as yet found that on Prime. Netflix does do this quite often, it seems.
Well, this language studying has given me a very good reason to keep my Prime and Flix subscriptions!

Well, I can’t help you with that, but thanks for asking. It’s a good question. It could be very useful to use Amazon Prime as well.

The selection on Amazon prime is very extensive for learning German language. I get to watch Agatha Chirsti mysteries and on top of that, a lot of American TV shows like Prison Break and 24 are dubbed in German language.

I have a little query. I know as a student it is free for one year after that they will charge money from my account I wonder to keep the subscription on Amazon Prime on a yearly basis how much I am supposed to pay for?

I pay £79 per year for Amazon Prime, but as a student (Prime Student) you will pay £39 per year.
Amazon Prime - Amazon Customer Service
See the Prime Student section

Obviously, that link is for the UK Amazon Prime, but this should apply to other contries, too. Or be similar.