Import Adobe Digital Books for private use?

Has anyone attempted to import into Linq books from Adobe Digital? This is obviously for private use b/c of the copyright restrictions. However, I had thought it would be nice to import “new” books for my private use but I’m hesitant to buy them only to find out it’s not very easy to import. Electronic distributors aren’t big on refunds! Has anyone done this?

I had tried it before with Kindle, but it’s not user friendly, you can only copy/paste and even then it’s only a page at a time. I don’t have the time for that and so I thought about other electronic platforms. Thanks for any help.


try calibre e book management!

Can calibre deal with Amazon Kindle books?

Yes, it can. However, in order to copy texts and import them to LingQ, you need to install an additional plugin (which you can download for free from the web).

Which plugin?

I don’t remember the name. Just google for “DRM plugins calibre” or something similar. You will find a page from where you can download a zip file called “Tools”.