Import a video

I am new in LingQ. I joined about 11 days ago.
I am wondering how I can import a video clip. I have seen a short video clip on Facebook. It is also on Instagram, and I downloaded it from Telegram.
Can I import the video clip? If yes, then which format is the best? I tried to import it from Facebook (with the link for the post), but it did not work. It also asked me to add text, but I do not have the text of the clip. If I import a video or an audio clip, do I always have to add the text? That would mean that it is very limited which video or audio clip one could import.
I hope someone can help me.

Sorry but importing video clips isn’t available. You can import YouTube videos, import from Netflix and some other video sources, but Instagram and Facebook clips can’t be imported.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply. As mentioned I am new with LingQ and still not entirely sure what I can and what I cannot do.

I will probably look for a YouTube video and try to import that…