Import 50+ subtitle of the same show

I have 50+ subtitles for the same TV shows. I want to import them under the same courses. Is there a way to batch upload them?

I also have 50+ audio along with the subtitles. That’s why I don’t want to concat all 50+ subtitles into one giant file.

You can’t batch upload them, sorry. You will need to import each file separately with its audio. You can of course import them all into the same course.

I can’t even import them into the same courses directly. I renamed the subtitle to the desired course name. However, when I import the second courses, it’ll create a new course with the same name. I‘ll need to manually move the lesson and delete the duplicate coursers.

Does LingQ provide an API so I can do this programmatically?

I’ve had this same problem a lot. I’ve uploaded a bunch of subtitles for different tv shows. All of them were in the ttml format so the only way to upload them is using “import ebook” which automatically puts each file into its own course.

I can tell you the fastest way I’ve figured out to do this manually but really there should be a much easier way.

  1. Manually upload each file as an ebook
  2. Go to this page Login - LingQ “no” is for Norwegian, so replace it with whatever the code is for your language. This is the only way I have found to get to this page that has all of your courses in a list that is much easier to work with than the my lessons page. I’m not sure how I stumbled on to this page but it has saved me a lot of time.
  3. Click on import course at the top of the page and give it the title and photo you want. This is the course you’ll move all the other lessons into.
  4. Go through and open each lesson from each course you imported in a separate browser tab. You’ll want to do this following the right order of the episodes so they end up in the right order once you move them. Hopefully they all had titles containing the episode numbers so you can find the correct order easily.
  5. Go through each tab and change the course to the one you created. Edit the title of each one if you need to and upload your audio. Click save and you can move on to the next one while the previous one is uploading.
  6. Once you’re done go back to the page from step #2. Now that you’ve moved all of the lessons to the same course you’ll have a ton of empty courses that you don’t need anymore. You can go through the list of your courses and delete all of them. The only way you can do this is from this page. For some reason, empty courses don’t show up on the normal my lessons page so this is the only way I’ve found to find them.

All of this is super confusing and very time consuming. I agree with you that there should be a much easier way. I would at least like to be able to import different file types other than plain text when importing a lesson. That way I could put each episode into the same course to begin with and save myself all of the time moving lessons around and deleting courses.

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