Impolite Messages

When I was a paying member, I received a rude message on my wall. It was embarrassing-actually. I did not mention this before because of the “iffiness” of mentioning that someone had been rude or that their message was unwanted-especially when others can read my wall as well.
It was not a cultural or language barrier problem.

Then, I read the blog of another member, and found out that she too, had received an unwanted message. It would be great if we could delete messages on our wall.

I would love to be able to donate to LingQ as opposed to paying monthly. I think it’s a good system and I try to spread the word.

Over time, we do plan on improving the Wall functionality including the ability to delete posts. In the case of multiple inappropriate posts from a particular user, we will delete that user’s account which removes their post from your wall. We do not have many rude posts on people’s walls so we have not worried about the delete feature much.

Regarding accepting donations, we are, in fact, philosophically opposed to the concept of accepting donations instead of charging for services. We prefer the idea that if our service is useful, users should pay to use it. We feel this is fairer for everyone. However, you always have the option of paying for a few months, as your donation :-), and then downgrading.

Thank-you, Mark. I buy points, maybe that will help.

Yeah donate shmonate… if you want lingq to exist you don’t want it to be based on donations…

If I could have the ability to edit both posts on my wall and my posts on the forums, in a month, I would pay for six months without downgrading. What do you think of this condition?

@Yutaka - It’s great that you want to help fix up the site! We realize those are important issues but they are not that easy to fix and we must stick to our priorities. Keep in mind that most of your membership fee goes toward buying points and that tutors get most of that. Our part of your 6 month membership won’t pay for much. :wink:

I am relieved to hear that what I have suggested are not to be completed in a month. To tell the truth, I originally wrote that I would donate 10,000 yen, but I am a stingy person and changed the content of my sentence. I could have said that I would donate 1,000,000 yen.
(I am practicing using the word “suggest.” I wonder if “doing” is needed after “suggested.” )

Shame on you, stingyYutakaM! I suggest you donate 10,000 yen without your doing!

It is this writer’s view that we are not supposed to make a donation because LingQ is allegedly a “commercial” site. At a commercial site, the members are called “consumers,” and try to pay less, which is considered to be economically rational behavior or Mr. Scrooge’s behavior(?). :slight_smile:

I don’t dislike “commercialism.”

in my second post of this thread, “what I have suggested are” should read “what I have suggested is.”

There may possibly be tax implications if a commercial site accepts donations as well as charging fees.

And you don’t need “allegedly” Yutaka: LingQ IS evidently a commercial site. Unless you are being ironic about LingQ’s profitability or lack of it :wink:

It seems to me that one certain writer here maybe a little bit sort of like nervous on account of his little mistakes.

I enjoy both making a mistake and making a correction. I hope that you enjoy reading my unnatural writing.

I enjoy reading your writing much more than most of your corrections

That is why I need the edit function.

Than make a donation.
(It is not a thread for polite people, isn’t it?)

It is fine to have fun with this theme here. I just want to point out, however, that we do not accept donations.

Yutaka is quite correct that our members are entitled to make their own “rational” economic decisions, and therefore we have to make it quite obvious why becoming a paying member of LingQ is a great advantage.

We will shortly be increasing the advantages to becoming a paying member.

You just saved many yens to a certain writer, Steve! Relief, Yutaka! :slight_smile: