Impersonation of Youtube polyglots

This is Amir’s 2nd attempt:

The Moses one is funny (I am still laughing). I think he did Steve better in his last attempt. He could have done Benny better with more facial expressions. Even Christophe commented on the video saying that he doesn’t mind all this.

Too funny! :smiley:

This video is so funny! Thanks you so much for sharing this.

The Moses part is hilarious :slight_smile:

The new video is quite funny at the start (where he gives Clugston’s nose a richly-deserved tweaking) but it was rather unfair on Felix and Claude, IMO.

Unlike the linguist from Planet Clugroid, Felix and Claude haven’t done anything at all to deserve this mockery, have they? :-0

“Planet Clugroid”

Love it!

The Clugroidians are a strange life-form, Chris! :smiley:

They are a little bit like Mr Spock without hair and on steroids!


" His best tip (found in another video) is this: Stop watching videos about polyglots (and start studying/learning…) He’s right!

I’ve learned some very useful things from watching Luca and I enjoy watching multilingual spontaneous discussions, but people just talking on and on about this and that is booooooooooooooring."

There is no accounting for tastes. Many people find these videos interesting and motivating. That goes for videos made by Benny, Loki, Moses, Glossika, Robert, Luca, Richard, and others including even me (yes people tell me that).

The wonderful thing about youtube is that anyone can make the video they want, and we are not obliged to watch any video we don’t want to watch. I am not sure why we would want to tell others what to watch or not watch.

I also understood Claude Cartaginese’s video message that way that he wants to encourage more females to be present on You Tube. And I agree with him in this point.


Hello there!

To be honest, I’m rather surprised to find this thread here at LingQ.

I wanted to inform everyone including Steve Kaufmann that I appreciate SOME of his videos and the website that he has developed.

The main purpose of my impersonation videos is ENTERTAINMENT.

I hope everyone will enjoy the 3rd part.

Amir Ordabayev

I’ve laughed a lot the last few days, that’s for sure. :smiley:

Keep 'em coming!

Still no Prof Arguelles in the latest video? Come on Amir! I know many of us are waiting for this one.

I just had the same thought!

Amir, we need humour, and of course exaggeration is often at the heart of humour, so I am sure all the targets of your wit are fine with it. BTW, are you up for a webcam interview where we make fun of each other, live so to say, anything ridiculous we can think of, (within decent limits of course). Kind of like sabre rattling at the opening face off in an important hockey game.

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@Imyirtseshem “His level of English is simply far too high and his speaking style too clear for most (even native speakers) to imitate.”
err… “…chaotic bombast, that offends my ears and frightens me”?? YIKES!!!

Steve, I look forward on recording a webcam conversation. That would be good.


Amir, you don’t fool me. I know you are up to some trick. Our confrontation will not be good for you. You will be exposed for the trouble maker that you are. In wrestling terms you will pinned on the floor.

I know that your ancestors prowled the steppes, and when they were not tending to their goats, joined with every Ghengis Khan or Tamerlane who came by, looking for an opportunity to cause mischief and spread terror. Well I am prepared for you.

To start with I have all the polyglots that you insulted on my side. Yes they will be cheering for me. I have had private youtube messages with promises of support from a boxing gym in Thailand, from a karaoke bar in China, and there was one really long message of support from Moses.

So just name your time.

Но что ты думаеш? Что эта за безабразя?

Thank you Steve!
You’re great!


You and those brave men who are alongside with you are really great!