I'm not visible on the tutoring pages and other issues

Hi, I’ve been on Lingq as a tutor for several years now and although I don’t always have much time I try to answer questions on the French and Spanish ask a tutor forum (when I get the notifications) , to share my resources and I usually have some availability in my schedule. This is not the first time I have issues. My profile hasn’t been showing up on the French and Spanish tutoring pages for a long time appearently. And the last time someone booked a session with me he didn’t see the right time in my availability. It has been fixed but it’s a recurring issue I’ve had several times.

I can’t import the audio of the videos from YouTube eather so I can’t share them, unless I extract the audio and upload it here myself. I can’t take time to do that for each video.

Couldn’t things be a little bit easier? I see the same issues comming back on and on…
Thank you for your help.

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Just checked list of tutors in both French and Spanish and you are listed properly there with available booking time. What makes you think that you aren’t listed?

YouTube audio issue has been explained before, it’s not on our end, Google sometimes block audio importing and in cases like that audio needs to be exported and uploaded to a lesson manually.

Hi Zoran, I didn’t know that about the audio.
Several persons told me they didn’t see me on the Spanish and French tutoring pages. I asked one of my
French students to check yesterday and he confirmed he didn’t see my profile between the tutors’ and could only access through our past conversations. If I’m not visible between the active tutors people who don’t know me already can’t find me and others think I’m not available. My profile is updated, with presentation, video, times, prices.

I’ve just seen my native language had changed to “English” which is obviously not right. I don’t know if it’s important and could have an impact on my visibility. Anyway, I’m native French bilingual in Spanish and I’d like to appear in both forums, although I can only put my native language…

Well, I can now see me on the French tutoring page but not on th Spanish one, so it has obviously to do with the fact my native language had skipped to English. Still, I’d like to be on the Spanish tutoring page too. I really prefered the old version of Lingq, There are always problems with one.

Zoran, I have not the same but a similar problem:
One of my students Jarda (pierre-la-place) said that he can’t sign up for my conversations in February beginning since 16. My schedule is constant for the whole year, and there are a lot of free possibilities for a conversation but when he tries to sign uo, he receives a strange warning - “No time available this week”.

@Katy I just double checked and you do definitely appear on the Spanish tutors list too. No worries. You are there and your booking time is fine too.

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Again, your tutoring profile, booking times, youtube presentation are listed properly in both French and Spanish list of tutors. I double checked both and everything is fine. Please ask your students to check the list again.

@evgueny40 In which language he is trying to schedule a conversation?

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Is it so important?
I give conversations in Russian, German and English. I think my schedule for all three languages is the same.
Jarda tried to sign up for my German conversations.
He did it but when he wanted to continue his requests for February, he couldn’t do it after 15 February.

Thanks. Just wanted to confirm if problem exist in German only or if trying to schedule a conversation for other languages too.
I was able to reproduce the problem you mentioned. Will report it to our team, we will get it fixed.

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