I'm new and i don't understand the routine involved of going from lesson to lesson

the flashcards confuse me as well, I know you make the flashcards by making the ling but what is the most effective way to use them? also, what are the roses for?

The easy one first: the roses are meant to serve
a) as a grading system for tutors, Exchange work or texts in the library
b) as a token of appreciation and
c) sometimes they are used just to bring a smile to somebody’s face. Here is a rose for you.

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Have you had a look at the Academy button, top right of this screen on the black border? Help also gives help (rampant tautology). Generally speaking, LingQ is a flexible system which can be used just how it suits you. You either go through a course by clicking “Next lesson” (on the top right of each lesson page?) or you dip in and out of the library. It is up to you. Same goes with the flashcards, either go with the SRS pattern or review from within the Vocabulary pages. Move their status up and down, ignore them, mark them known or even delete them…