I'm Interviewing the CEO of REFOLD the Immersive Language Learning Community For My Podcast. What Would The Good People of the LingQ Forum Like Me To Ask Him?

Post your questions below and I’ll select some of the best ones to as Ethan of Refold.

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Are there any examples of a person with a native language within the Sprachbund that learned to speak Mandarin well while closely following the Refold roadmap? (I.e., not beginning speech before a “5” in comprehension.)

This is really a leading question to:
Is Refold successful as a single framework for all, or does the framework need to be fundamentally changed for some learners of some languages? Why or why not? And in what circumstances should it be altered?


Great question!

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I’d ask if/how Refold gets rid of AJATT’s elitism. Refold is the successor of AJATT which is known to be pretty hardcore and therefore excluding.
There is an inherent contradiction here: in order for the method to work, one should devote massive amount of time to it, wich in turn makes it niche and elitist, and excludes “casual” learners.

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