I'm gonna have to slap the sorry out of you

A: I don’t talk about it a lot. Especially with people I just met. I’m really sorry. Oh, Mmm…
B: Baby, if you apologize again, I’m gonna have to slap the sorry out of you.
A: Yeah. That’s… I’m not sorry. That’s a hard habit to break, though.
B: It is.

Question: I don’t understand the usage of “out of you” here.
I think the meaning of the sentence is “I’m going to slap you”, right?
But when do you use it - do something out of someone?

Thank you!!!

Its just a colloquial expression. It means to slap someone very hard. It is often used with an expletive like: “I will slap the sh*t out of you”

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I disagree. Here, I would interpret specifically it as slapping someone until they stop doing whatever it was that was annoying you - thus ‘I’m gonna have to slao the sorry out out of you’ = I’m going to have to slap you until you stop apologising for things that need no apology.