Im going to Berlin!

Hallo! Moin moin! After one year of german learning with Lingq I have the opportunity of going to Berlin for a week. I know is not too much… but I was wandering If someone has and advice regarding academies for one week over there, or things I could do to improve my german. So far I havent done any grammar or writtings so I think an intensive course will help me to do so. Nandeless prices are around 200-230 per week with 30 lessons (45 min), Im not sure if I should invest the money in something else. What do you think?

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Hey that’s very exciting news! Some advice that somebody gave to me was to avoid taking a language class and instead take a class on something else of interest to you (for example, a cooking class) where you will be surrounded by mostly German speakers. This might be a more interesting way to immerse yourself with the language in an interactive and fun way.

Buena suerte. Que tenga una buena semana en Berlin.


Moin, moin! (Don’t tell me that our plattdeutscher Gruß has travelled all the way to Spain?! You’ll say “Tach!” next!)

Should you really, really want to do grammar, I suggest you work through Vera’s lessons. I know how much care and attention Vera puts into her material. In addition, there must be a ton of Youtube stuff.

Viel Spaß und Erfolg in Berlin!!

P.S. Have you thought of writing a private message to @Paule89 who is [a] “waschechter Berliner”?

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You’re moving to Berlin? Say hello to Paule when you see him. He will be the good looking German guy wearing the ‘I love LingQ’ shirt.


X’D I don’t think lingq has a line of merchandise yet.


Too bad these shirts are boring. Would be nice if there was some better artwork :slight_smile:

You’re right. They are boring.

As I wrote long time ago in the following post, you can design your own LingQ stylish tools:

Unfortunately I’m not so creative, but it would be great if LingQ would offer some designs.

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I don’t think these shirts are boring.

You’ll definitely like Berlin. It is an amazing city. I love it very much. You can probably guess that if you listen to my podcasts about Berlin :wink: I hope to visit it again in the future.

Paule lives in Berlin. I guess he knows more about language schools in Berlin. If I were you I would combine classroom and real life experience. You could join a class for some hours and use the other hours on your own. It would be a pity to not have the time exploring Berlin!

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" Im not sure if I should invest the money in something else. What do you think?"

You could…

  • check out Vera’s lessons or sites like to find out where you wanna go, what you wanna see, what you wanna do…(4free)
  • you could book me as a tutor and talk to me about Berlin (roughly 10 dollars/h)
  • buy quite a few tickets, drinks, souvenirs (etc.) while you’re here
  • go to and join meet ups where natives participate (free conversation pratice with people who share the same interests…)

Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will invest the money in Currywurst and biergartens. Not that a week of academy would help me too much. Also, I may have some money left for some ling merchandising :stuck_out_tongue:
I didnt know that there are some lessons about Berlin, I will have a look inmendiatly!
Paul I was thinking about having some tutor lessons, in all ther time Ive been in Lingq Ive never tryed It, I still dont know how it works… But I will definitly give it a chance.

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I have a (still pie-in-the-sky) plan to live in Berlin next year for a month or two. Never been there before and hugely excited. Would love to hear if you’ve already made your trip, how it went: in general and language-wise? I had been toying with the idea of doing an intensive 1-month course too…