I'm from China, May I ask how could I find a coupon to buy premium for my Chinese students?

it’s hard to open website like google or lingq in China. I want to teach English in this new way with lingq.
But I have to buy premium first for them. so may I ask how could I find a coupon to buy premium for my Chinese students?


Do your students all have LingQ accounts created? You can buy gift certificates for them if that works. Head on the Account Settings page: Login - LingQ and you will find the gift certificate button on the top right. When you purchase it, you will get coupon code which student can apply on their account on the same page (you will also notice “Have a coupon code” option below the button) to activate Premium membership.
Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hello Zoran, thank you for your help!
The students in China can’t even use google without VPN. So I have to help them create LingQ accounts on my computer with VPN, then buy premium in their accounts one by one.
it’s a hard work…
So do you have a coupon code I could use directly when I purchase the premium membership?
if that’s possilbe, please send to my email ricz{at]qq(dot)com ?

I’ve just googled LingQ coupon , some are 20%, some are 40% off… but none of them is valid when I try to use them…

I’ll contact you on your email with more details about LingQ for teachers program and will explain options we have available.

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Thank you for your help, Zoran!
the email I replied to you turned back. So I use another hotmail to send you again.

LingQ is blocked in China. Unless you’re giving all your students VPNs (seems risky) how are they going to use it?

It does make sense