I'm at 100,000 words read in Japanese /thoughts?!

1)I’m reading beginning 2 and its comfortable

2)I know lots of words ignore the count I just didn’t feel like marking them know because it didnt matter all that much to me

3)I can talk to natives as I do on hello talk and its very good but even with almost 3000 hours of listening I feel like beginner
4)But even tho I can have hour-long convos in Japanese it definitely is not an in-depth talk and stuff and not philosophy so nothing advanced
5)I can talk really well about my likes and interest but if I have not read it I can’t talk that well about it

6)Tho shows I can sometimes pick stuff out maybe a whole sentence from a slice of life anime

7)Passing jlpt n5 feels hard even tho I know so much but I don’t know why maybe I’m nervous
8)When I talk to natives they say I’m not afraid of mistakes and that’s what I was going for

9)I study this way in order to talk and if I don’t know a words describe it in another way

10)I’ve done genki 1 / 7 times and not genki 2 or any more as if I don’t know the words in 11)Genki 2 and am not fluent it doesn’t seem useful to me to do grammer when u Lack a lot like college people can do all grammer but still not be good

12)So that’s why I focus on reading speaking and listing more then grammer

13)At where I’m at I can pick up lots of words fast just by reading in context but

14)Ive noticed at a certain point srs wasn’t helping no matter what I put on the card so I stopped and just focused on input and output
15)Some videogames are easy for me like animal crossing and Pokemon others not so much
16)When I read anything I ALWAYS speak out loud
To build that comfortabllity in speaking

I’ve gone from 5-6 hours first 4 months of study to 5-10 hours for a year and a half to half a year of 14 hours a day

Thoughts ?
Maybe ideas
Know something that will boost my Japanese even more ?

Am I being impatient?
^^ probably lol!!!

I’m curious if anyone had similar experiences
Or if y’all found other stuff you thought helped a lot

Lastly my goal is 10000 words of reading a day but sometimes I’m busy with life