I'm an architect!

I am an architect! is there anyone else? Let’s get acquainted!I’m studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in St.Petersburg!And you?))

Did you happen to visit the house of Konstantin Melnikov? I am not an architect; I watched a TV program on his architecture. He is very famous, isn’t he?
Konstantin Melnikov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Konstantin Melnikov - Wikipedia

Hallo Yutaka !.Mir war dieser russische Architekt bis jetzt nicht bekannt.Besten Dank für Deinen Link.

Thank you for your comment, Jolanda.
I can understand what you wrote in German, but I cannot reply to you in German.

“In 1930s, Melnikov refused to conform with the rising stalinist architecture, withdrew from practice and worked as a portrait painter and teacher until the end of his life.” Konstantin Melnikov - Wikipedia

I study architecture at Arkitektskolen Aarhus in Denmark - just started my second year, and we’re currently focusing on city planning - going to Barcelona in October to see some foreign examples.

The russian style of art and architecture in the time before stalin is very interresting (along with Dutch “De Stijl” and the Bauhaus movement…) I wish i had the time to look further into the russian school, but 24 hours a day just isn’t enough :confused:

What are you currently studying in Sct Petersburg, and what year are you in? :slight_smile:

  • Thomas

I study French by the way - does anyone by any chance know of any French architecture podcasts? - I’ve got some french books on architecture lying around (including some Le Corbusier which i really look forward to reading) - i, however, am still not sufficient enough as to be reading them yet, so it would be wonderful to have something with audio…

Thomas?nice to meet you!))
I finished my first course and also started my second year!
We’ll begin to designer only from this year, before it we taught to do presentation of our project by our hand, not on the computer, for example
Our program very conservative, we taught to draw as 200 years ago, and only then on the computer!!
it’s very intresting,although not very modern!=)
And what are you doing?))

By the way, i really like the architecture of Denmark! I’m obsessed with post-and-pane or frameworks!!

Hello Yutaka !
Konstantin Melnikov is really great!
to my regret and shame I haven’t seen his projects!I hope to see it!

The link doesn’t work for me - it sends me to a login screen of some kind.

Last year we mainly focused on projection drawing and method - mostly by hand… I think the idea is that hand-drawing or analogue drawing is better for figuring out the theory behind architectural drawings (plans, sections and elevations) - We did however design some different objects too though, but nothing big - yet :wink:
How is the discipline in Sct Petersburg? In Denmark our tutors expect us to work extremely intensively on our projects, and in busy periods we work day and night, weekends and holidays too - this really surprised me when i first started! There hardly is any room for a life outside school - on the other hand, your co-students become like family :slight_smile:

Oh!how interesting!Earlier I thinked,that only in our Academy students don’t sleep and work all night before presentetion a project!!in other words,we live in Academy,becouse EVERY day we are there since 9a.m. to 11p.m. and when security of Academy throws us, we come home!but sometimes we hide from security and stay to work all night in our workroom!=)So, i understand you,colleague!=)
Our tutors constantly hurrying us with our project!Becouse when we’ll work all come to do quickly!So,we haven’t discipline!we wolk other lectures to make a project!we have one month for one project or 2week,it’s different!
Have you been a practice at architectural office yet?))

I think that each architect should visit the Italy. Italian architecture is wonderful! There you will observe many interesting ideas. It my opinion, but I am not architect. What does the architect think about architecture of Italy?

no i haven’t been in practice yet - usually that’s done in 3rd or 4Th year in Denmark, but i haven’t really figured out what firm i am going to aim for yet ;)… I have thought of taking a semester in another country though - this is partly how i justify my french studies to myself! I am not totally convinced that i will reach a sufficient level in french before next year, when studies abroad is recommended though - it could be neat though!

Have you decided upon a focus in your education? (industrial design, city planning, architectural design, etc…) - I originally started out thinking i was going to end up designing furniture, but now i am no longer so sure - it all seems interesting to me :slight_smile:

KS: Yeah, Italy is definitely “THE” country to visit for ancient and historical architecture… I certainly want to go see some of it, although there is enough buildings to last me a lifetime! I don’t know that much about contemporary Italian architecture - besides from architects like Renzo Piano who has created some really extraordinary works… (The Pompidou centre in Paris for example seems like a really interesting building - although i suppose a lot of people will find it a little odd :wink:

i haven’t been in practice to,becouse our program provides it only after 5th year!!!
every summer we have different practice!this summer we spend it at the cemetary!we made measurements and then made drawing!=)
in the next summer we’ll have geodasy practice,after the 3rd year-free drawing practice,after the 4th- as foreman at construction!we have 6-year school!
so,we haven’t different focus in Academy,becouse it is one- we’ll an architect-designer,our program is versatile,it’s includes everything connected with the architecture!))
Unfortunatly, we haven’t a practice in other country!
And in what country do you want to go to practice?

thomas_dс, hello!!!
I am familiar with some works of Renzo Piano. It is the largest scientific museum of Netherlands - NEMO. However I like ancient and historical architecture more.

Maybe i misunderstood what you meant with “practice” - In Denmark it is common to go work with an architecture firm for 6 months at some point in our studies - i thought this what what you meant, but your description sounds more like a course or a workshop. We’ve had a lot of those too :slight_smile:
Perspective drawing in a local park, architectural drawing, photography, some computer programs, some simple “construction” workshops and some “teambuilding” workshops - along with others. We also took measurements and drew a local church - in the winter cold! - tough, although probably not as cold as in Russia :wink:

For my half-year study time abroad, i was thinking of going to Paris - to combine my French studies with my architectural studies :slight_smile: - But i am still uncertain as to whether my french level will be sufficient!

KS, That building looks exactly as crazy and playful as a science center should be! Very cool the way it appears to be rising from the water - you almost fear for the safety of the fishing boats around it… How is the building on the inside?

Unfortunately, I have never been on the inside of NEMO. :slight_smile:

You understood me right about practice!
But we have not so long practice in architecture firm, as you!6 months- it’s rather long!we’ll have only 2months after 5th years!
Also, we haven’t a photography,although i think it very interesting!
And fortunatly we haven’t took measurements in the winter,becouse it’s really cold!=)
and one more question,will you go to study abroad with exchange program in your Arkitektskolen or you will go alone?