I'll be your Japanese tutor if you need

I’m a native Japanese.

I love to learn another languages.
I learn to speak English(3 years) and Chinese(6 months).

So, I wanna learn English or Chinese through correcting your Japanese or teaching Japanese words for you.

English skill : Intermediate ; TOEIC score 805,I learn to speak English everyday 25 min with my tutor through skype, listen to CNN news, read news paper in English.
Chinese skill : Beginner ;But I learn to speak Chinese everyday 50 min with my tutor through skype, listen to audio script.
(Learn both of Chinese and English aside from LingQ)

Maybe I’ll be a good Japanese tutor and writing corrector for you.
If you are interested in Japanese,please tell me.
Thank you.

wow, really an assiduous girl, but I plan to study Japanese next year, this year I have to improve my English

Hi, I am a Chinese majored in English. And now I am learning Japanese by myself. Hope we can make friends and help each other in learning different languages. ; )

Hi, I am actively learning Japanese as well, as I have family there. I am originally from Taiwan but now I live in the States. I am teaching stats in an American university. Hopefully we can exchange our languages. We can use English or Chinese to communicate Japanese knowledge if you like. -Sophie