iLinq asks me to log in every time after I changed my password


I changed my password on the web a few weeks ago, and then I need to manually log in to the iPhone app every time it’s started. I’m guessing that the app has stored my previous credential somewhere on the phone, and it fails to update that credential after I log in using my updated password.

It’s becoming a bit annoying every time I have to type in my password on my phone just to be able to use the app. Can someone please have a look at this issue?


@derekhyang - Sorry to hear that! We’ll take a look at this and see what’s happening.

Have you tried deleting the app and downloading it again? Just a suggestion.

@mark - Thanks!

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - Thanks for the suggestion. It’ll actually be interesting to see what happens. If the issue still occurs, then I’ll most likely assume that my credentials are stored in the device’s keychain. :slight_smile: