iLingQ question

Hi, perhaps this has been addressed, but I’m having some problems with the iLingQ app. When I log in, the app tells me that I have no active lessons. I used to be able to access my lessons, but at some point (not too, too long ago) I stopped being able to see active lessons. Also, my lingqs of the day are often zero. Actually, most days are zero. Perhaps I haven’t been making enough lingQs, but I’ll have 40 one day, and then zero for several days after that.

Any thoughts? Maybe I should just delete the app and then reinstall it?

As a follow-up, I tried switching my language to Japanese, and I was able to see the lessons I did months ago when I was testing it out. So, it’s something to do specifically with the settings for French.

@Bortrun - That can sometimes happen if you have a lot of active lessons for that language. If you archive a bunch of lessons, it should work fine. I wouldn’t have any more than 20 active lessons in my account. The fewer you have, the faster it will load.

Ok, I reduced my active lessons to just 5 or 6, but I still have the same problem. Also, there is a difference between the lingqs of the day in my e-mail, and the ones on my iLingQ, which is something I just noticed. On iLingQ I have 0 for Sept. 24, but I got an e-mail saying that I have lingQs to review for that day, so the two don’t seem to sync up.

@Bortrun - That is strange. Can you try archiving all but one and seeing if that works. Then, unarchive the rest one at a time to try and figure out which lesson is causing the problem. It must be related to a specific lesson somehow. If we know which lesson, we can try and reproduce the problem ourselves.

As for the LingQs of the Day, they sync up for me. Keep in mind that today’s LingQs are not shown on the app. The app shows the LingQs one day late.

Ok, I think I understand the problem. It seems that if I have any lesson from the francais facile collection open, then iLingQ says I don’t have any active lessons. I tried it with a few different lessons, so it seems the whole collection causes this problem.

And I understand about the lingqs of the day. I do indeed have the same lingqs listed one day late.

I have now the same problem.
The lesson that lets the iLingQ message “No active lessons in this language” appear, is : “Français Facile, iPhone ou iPod touch”.
If this lesson is active, iLingQ doesn’t show any lessons.
If this lesson is not active; everything is fine.
Please fix this, because iLingQ is an important tool when studying …

@Bortrun and hape - Thanks for helping identify the problem. It is indeed the Francais Facile collection or any collection that is using external audio files. I replaced the external audio file with an internally uploaded one for “Français Facile, iPhone ou iPod touch” and it works fine now. We will get this bug fixed as soon as possible but it may take a few weeks. Sorry about that.

Mark, thank you very much for your fast solution!

This bug with the francais facile lessons has now been fixed on iLingQ. It was a strange issue which took a while to track down!