iLingQ - Losing Contents of Playlist

I’m not totally sure on the exact sequence of events that causes it, but frequently all the lessons disappear permanently from my playlist on the iPad. I think it happens when the app tries to refresh “My Courses”, fails due to a bad signal, living the list empty. This seems to clear the playlist out as well. When I try reloading “My Course” again and it is successful, the courses and lessons return but not on the playlist leaving it empty.

I have the same problem!

Sorry, I thought I had already responded to this but it seems not. I’ve been trying to reproduce this on my iPad but have so far been unsuccessful. I assume you are on version 3.0.9? Does there seem to be a specific pattern that might allow you to reproduce this, or does it seem to be somewhat random still?

I don’t think it’s random, I’m just not 100% certain on the steps. I can’t reproduce it at home, but it often happens at lunchtime when I’m using a weak public wifi, or a 3G signal. I’m pretty certain it occurs when the update to My Lessons fails. You’ll need to find or simulate a flaky connection to reproduce it.

OK, thanks for the additional information! I think I might know what is causing this, and one of the updates we’re going to be making within the next month should hopefully resolve this :slight_smile:

Will this be resolved with the next update because it’s still happening and very frustrating. Also, can you add the ability to move multiple lessons or the entire lesson to a playlist? This could be done using checkboxes so it’s not as cumbersome moving lessons to the playlist.

No immediate plans to allow the adding of multiple lessons (though this is something that we’d like to do at some point down the road!), but the issue with playlists will be fixed in the new version that will be coming very shortly. Just finishing up some tweaks before we submit the new version.

Great, thanks

I’m very new to LingQ so I don’t have a lot of experience yet. But I did have the same problem this morning. For about a second I saw a banner telling me I had no internet connection, then my courses began to reload. But the playlist I set up only yesterday morning was gone. This is seriously annoying as I only have 15 min on the train and I don’t want to waste time having to set up the playlist again! I also don’t see why I should need an internet connection to access a previously set up playlist - the audio content has been downloaded before and the playlists are only on the device anyway. The iLingQ description also says it’s fully usable offline.

Info says my version is 3.1.0 on iPhone 4.

I’m really sorry for the trouble here. I’m not sure what would have caused the playlist to disappear, as they are stored in the cache on the device.

I did some testing on my own device, trying to create a playlist, go offline, switch back to online, log out, log back in, etc. and wasn’t able to get the playlist to disappear.

Have you had this issue before, or was this the first time? I might recommend recreating your playlist in the short term. It should hopefully work properly, but if it disappears again please let us know! Also please let us know if you notice a specific series of events that triggers this, as this will help us fix any issue(s) that may be remaining here!

You won’t reproduce it by simply switching between online and offline. You need a flaky connection or to simulate one. As far as I can tell it’s when the app tries to reload the lesson list, and fails due to a network error or timeout leaving an empty list. Then when you go to the playlist the app must decide that these lessons don’t exist and removes them. This is as best I can tell at the moment.

Ah, that sounds very likely to be the reason. I’ll talk with our iOS developer and see what we can do here!

The problem also seems to be time-related as in how much time since last use of app.
I don’t have constant WLAN/3G/4G-access so I switch to flight mode when I know in advance to save battery. No use looking for a connection when there won’t be one.
Apparently no problem when I use the app again the same day, with a connection.
However, last Friday I forgot to go online again. When I started the app just now the playlists were still there but the lessons “blank” (“This course does not contain any lessons”). I went online, reloaded the courses - and the playlists were partly or completely empty. In fact, one course was now completely missing from the playlists.

Thanks for the additional information here! We’ll see what we can do to fix this…

I’ll be very glad when this is fixed. I stopped even trying to use playlists because this happened to me several times.