iLingQ errors

I’ve been having a few problems with iLingQ. When I try and open a new language, a different language will appear (For example, I choose Spanish, but Russian lessons appear in the slot). Also, I often get a message appear, saying that there are no active lessons in the language slot.

It’s difficult to say what I do to get these errors, because they appear quite randomly.

If I can work out how to recreate them, I’ll tell you here.

@James123 - These errors do seem to happen from time to time and are often related to having many active lessons in your account. If you do have a lot of active lessons, try archiving the ones you no longer use and see if this resolves the issue. I would target less than 20 active lessons and the fewer you have the faster the list will load without timing out which is what happens when you see that error.

What do you mean by archiving? How do I do that?

If you go to the My Lessons page you will see a box on the left hand side of each lesson. When you check this box it will be archived. Archived lessons can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the lesson page. This will help to clear up the amount of active lessons without deleting the lessons from your account.

Okay, thanks. It’s sorted. iLingQ is much faster now.