iLingQ Error Now Corrected

Hi all,

It was reported yesterday that there was an error when opening private lessons on iLingQ that prevented the lesson text from being displayed. We believe this has now been corrected, and all lessons should be working properly on iLingQ at this time. We continue working on various other bugs that appeared with the recent update, but if you notice anything else not working in iLingQ (and on the rest of the site, in fact) please let us know. Thanks!

This is from a few weeks ago and still happens, but I haven’t reported it until now: Sometimes I lose the phrase or the hint when I am going through flashcards on iLing. More often it is the phrase. My settings are: first side- phrase/ word; second side- phrase/word/hint. I’l have a set of say 60 cards, and everything is find, then in the middle, boom, no more phrase on both sides. Other times I lose everything but the word. It is fixed if I close iLingQ, reopen and re-open that set of card. But needless to say this is annoying because I can’t re-find my place in the deck.

" everything is find" = everything is fine

If you swipe your finger up the phrase is hidden and if you swipe down it appears. This could be the source of those problems.

OK thanks. That is a feature!