iLingQ crashes and logs me out

For the past few days the iPhone app has been crashing after a minute of use. When I start it again, I’m logged out and half of the time I get an “error logging in” that can’t be OK’ed away giving no chance to log in and the other half of the time I’m able to log in only for it to crash again after a minute.

Very strange that after a couple of days of this happening, for once, I seem to be the first one who brings up an issue.
Usually my patience with the technical burps of lingQ outlasts their resolution.

Can’t be anything particular to me. Who else noticed this?

It’s been happening to me a lot on my iPad. It started this past weekend.

Me too but mine is logged out when I first try to open the app. I get the same error message though. I’ve been getting it for the past 4-5 days now.

I am sorry to hear that your iOS app is crashing. I’ll report this to our development team, and hopefully they will be able to figure out what could be wrong here and to fix it soon. I’ll keep you updated.

Could you give some more details on what you’re doing when the app crashes? Are you in a lesson? If so, are you creating lingqs? Or are the crashes seemingly random?

Hi arsenius. Thank you for working on this.

It seems to be crashing pretty randomly sooner or later within a minute every time. I’m in a lesson, just playing the audio and giving lingqs the green check. Although it happens even without any interaction beyond playing the audio. When I try to start again for the first time after a crash I get the ‘error logging in’. Then I close the app and try a second start, which gives me the introductory slide show followed by a working log in form. I can log in fine and wait for the next crash. I’m not aware of doing anything in particular immediately before the failure.

So the crashes never happen when you are outside of a lesson, is that right? Does it crash if you just open a lesson and start the audio and leave it sit? Or do you need to interact with it first? Are there any specific lessons or courses?


Experimented with it. No crashes outside of lessons and it seems to be able to deal with smaller lessons (~5min). No failures when interacting with short lessons. Larger lessons (~10-30min) crash it very quickly after loading the text and audio even without any further interaction.

Same here.

If it helps, I have not updated my version on iPhone for this very reason. The latest version has been causing me these problems on my iPad.

Ok, this is very helpful. Would you both post a link to lessons that are crashing? What iPhone model do you each have?

iPhone 4S

for me any lesson out of these courses crashes it:

Thank you. I’ve confirmed this on my own device and am working on a fix which we hope to include in the next version.

Thanks for your work!

Hello there - I know it has been a little while, but the IOS app should now be working as it has been upgraded in Itunes. If you’re still experiencing issues please let us know.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

I just installed the update but I’m still experiencing this problem.

Crashed on me today and had to log back in. iPhone 4S iOS 8.3

So what happens - it crashes and you have to log in again?

@redstrat, solanderdog - Can you try deleting the app and re-installing it to see if that helps?

In addition to deleting before installing as Mark suggested, could you let us know if there are specific courses or lessons that are causing you problems and link to them here? Thank you!

I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Immediately upon opening the app, I got the “Error Logging In: There was an error logging back in. Please check your password and try again” box, and the app crashed.

This doesn’t seem related to specific courses or lessons. However, if you want to check, you can have a look at the lessons in my private course, Pourquoi E=MC2.

Often when I come back to the app after doing something else on my iPad, I get the “Error Logging In” dialog and the app crashes. I can’t click OK. I have to close the app, reopen it, and re-enter my name and password again.

I can also produce this dialog box/crash at will by clicking on the home button twice while using the app and then closing the app by sweeping it upwards off the screen. Invariably when I open the app after that, I get the “Error Logging In” dialog and the app crashes. I don’t even have to open a lesson first.