iLingq beta testers needed

I have been working on an update for iLingq. I am looking for some beta testers who would be willing to try the new version before it gets released. In particular, if there is anyone willing to participate who is still using iOS 3 I would be grateful.

The main features of the new version are:

  • Local storage of MP3s
  • Background playback (close the app and audio keeps playing)
  • Option to display larger text

If you would like to participate, please use this free app ( ) to send an email to . I will then send you the files you need to test the new iLingq (probably in a few days). The beta cannot be downloaded from iTunes. The only way to participate is by using the application above.

Testers can post bug reports here, or send an email to . Please include as much of the following information in your bug reports as possible:

  • iOS Version
  • *** Can you repeat the problem? *** (Very important!)
  • What was the problem (Crash, no audio, etc…)?
  • What exactly were you doing when you had a problem? (Opening a lesson, opening the cards screen, etc…)
  • Which lesson were you using at the time? If public, please include a link.
  • How often do you use the app (Once a day, hours a day, once a week)?

And anything else that might help. Please note that things like “It just crashed” won’t help me track down your problems! Please be as specific as possible!

Thanks everyone,

Sorry, in the post above my email was censored! The email is iLingqBeta at timothycosta dot com.

When I try to send it to you it says your email doesn’t exist.

Ah, I’ve just deleted the uppercase letters and it worked.

Just thought of something, If you do send the file to me, do I have to download onto iTunes on my laptop and then onto my iPod or can I just download it from the mail app on my iPod?

James, I believe you need to drag the file I will send you into iTunes, and then perform a Sync on your iPod. I will let you know for sure when I email you.

Okay, thanks! I’ve got iOS 4.3 by the way. That doesn’t matter does it? I don’t think iOS 3 works with my iPod.

James, 4.3 will be fine. I need testers for any version, but I was especially hoping to find someone running iOS 3 because I don’t have a device running it.

To follow up from the e-mail I sent you, iTunes says it can’t install it but when I go and click on my iPod under devices, and then apps, I see on the screen that it has installed it. But when I go to my actual iPod, I can’t see the Beta.

I tried to install the beta, but iTunes said: invalid signature - not installed.

Hape, the same happened here. According to the internet we need a mobile provision (?)

I have emailed you both new files. Hopefully this one will work better!

I’m afraid the same thing is happening. I get the same message.

Same here: it still won’t install, even with mobileprovision file.

I’ve been following these instructions but I think the fault is with the mobileprovision file.

Now the installation was possible, and I will start testing…

First impressions and remarks

  1. there should be some kind of information or marker, if the lesson audio is in the cache.

  2. scrolling in the lesson selection and the lesson text seem to react slow or with slight delay

  3. loading of lesson text is very slow, even when audio is cached, 10 secs for a medium sized lesson is too slow.

  4. when audio is not cached: messages “0 % loaded” … “5 % loaded” are strange because no more messages are displayed. Is the whole audio now in cache??

  5. some space in the yellow LingQ popups is wasted, sometimes the example sentences is not visible in full.

loading of lesson text is very slow, even when audio is cached, 10 secs for a medium sized lesson is too slow.

I have the same problem (it was the same in the last iLingQ though), as well as for the lessons page too load… What I would like as well, when I hit the logout button is for a message to pop up saying “are you sure?”. I keep hitting it by accident and get thrown out of the app. Again though, the last app was the same with these problems.

Can I say though, I like the new layout, especially the increase in text size.

Since installation yesterday, iLingQ crashed 3 times, I have sent you the Crash Reporter logs via email.