Ignoring words in other languages

Hi all,

I have two problems when I encounter english words in my chinese texts. Firstly, when I choose to ignore them, they are still added into my vocabulary list. The second problem is that ignored english words don’t stay ignored and I need to go back to ignore all the words every time I reread the text. This is fine on desktop version of lingq because i can just click directly to the part I left off (the picture below shows what i mean: I can click directly to the part i left off from but there will be gaps showing that I didn’t complete certain passages of the lesson), but on the mobile version I have to go through every single english word and ignore it until I get back to where I left off.
I’m not sure if anyone else is encountering the same problem. Other than this, no other complaints so far! Keep up the good work guys! thanks


I don’t experience any of those problems. I am learning Japanese and the web version of Lingq remembers the word I ignore and they don’t get added to my vocabulary. Are you sure you are not making any mistake?

I don’t have this problem either. I assume OP is actually clicking the word and clicking “ignore”, rather than simply leaving as blue (which shouldn’t add to the vocab either, but would leave “gaps”). Looking at the app I’m not sure how this would happen. I’ve not tried Chinese so could be language specific or something odd about the phone/lingq app?

Tristenang…if you ignore a word on the desktop application does it get added to vocab or does not stay ignored? Or is this only on the phone app?

@Tristaneng Sorry to hear that. I can’t seem to reproduce the issue on my end. Does it happen in one specific lesson or you have the same issue with any lesson you open?

I have the same issue as well.

Thank you for the reply. Yes I click on the blue english word and press ignore instead of letting it go by because I don’t want to add it to my known word count. It happens on the mobile and desktop platforms.

Hi thank you for your quick response. It happens on all lessons that have english words in them. When i’m in the lesson it’s fine, but when I close the lesson and reopen it the problem presents itself.

Strange! I hope it gets resolved for you!

Tristaneng, I’m having the exact same problem except with Spanish as the target language… have you had any luck getting this resolved?

@ngwawmor Please email me url of one of a lessons you have problem with to support(at)lingq.com. Thanks.


I sent an email as requested. Honestly, it may not be worth the effort of fixing and I’m good with that.

I just wanted to let you guys know that the system freaked out so you could see if it was something you could prevent in the future.

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