Ignoring large sections

Is there a way to ignore all of the words in a large section? On the phone app or desktop site? (I’m only familiar with the phone app).

If there isn’t, then there should be. I understand that you can set the mode to not mark blue words as known when paging, but that doesn’t seem able to be turned on and off in the same lesson.

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Sorry, that’s not possible for now. But thanks for your suggestion and feedback, we will see what we can do.
What you mean by it’s not possible to turn “Paging moves to known” option on and off in the same lesson? You can enable/disable it as many times as you want.

I did that on my phone (iphone) but when I changed the option mid lesson to avoid marking blue words as known (they were in a different language), it forced me back to the beginning of the lesson or something.

That feature would come in handy when I eventually get around to reading “War and Peace”. I’d like to ignore the extensive parts in French