Ignored words still counting?

So i got an ebook imported into lingq and the introduction is in English so I’ve been manually ignoring all the english words so it doesnt inflate my spanish stats. But then i noticed that after i finished ignoring every english word in the intro it said i read 600+ words, even though i had only read about 260 before opening that doc. Shouldnt it have not counted those words in the stats? There might have been maybe 50 spanish words in the intro but definitely not 600. I ended up having to subtract the words manually on my profile. But it just makes me wonder how many other words that i have ignored have been added to my read words stats. I would really like it to be as accurate as possible for my goals, so if english words are sneaking into my stats thats a touch demotivating.

Are you on the browser or a mobile app? Unfortunately, it’s a long-reported issue of the browser version that it overcounts words read (sometimes by many multiples) for some reason. It’s been discussed on here and I gather that LingQ has been trying to fix it, but somehow the issue keeps coming up again and again in different languages.

As far as I know, the mobile apps are not affected by this problem, although they can be less convenient for reading…

Browser app at the time. For the most part i use my phone. This time i used the desktop just so i could ignore the english words faster by mainly spamming the x key while clicking on the english words. But i guess if the mobile apps arent affected by this issue ill just take the slower approach and just ignore on my phone instead to perserve my stats. Its so amazing to have all these stats available, it would be a shame if they werent accurate. Thank you for your reply.

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

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Hi @ElDorBrado !
As far as I know, the Words Read statistics add when you open the Page or the Sentence (in the Page View mode it adds after some time spent on it). So if you were passing through Pages/Sentences in search of words to Ignore it could explain that extra addition of read words stats.

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Thanks for the reply, so to your knowledge once a word is ignored, the next time it shows up it wont count towards words read stat? I’ve been very diligent with my lingqing so whenever i see an english word i always ignore it. Especially since a lot of intermediate content will sometimes have a brief english introduction/ sections where they explain what a phrase means/addition context. And i always wondered with those english words popping up occassionally if it was effecting my stats. So hopefully ill run out of english to ignore at some point. Thanks again

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I suppose the addition of the Words Read statistics does not differentiate words’ statuses and counts all of them. Usually, the quantity of Ignored words is very low or absent. This status restricts the word from showing in the general Vocabulary and from being used in Review Activities.

Ah thanks for the info. That’s a shame thats its not more advanced. Appreciate the insight