"Ignore All" on Page Turn

When turning the page and the prompt appears asking to move Blue words to “known”, there should be an “ignore all” option. As in, ignore the words and remove them as blue items. This would be very helpful for imported books with entire forwards and sections in English or other non-target-language text where clicking each blue word and hitting “ignore” is entirely impractical.

Additionally barring the above, It should be possible to simply highlight entire sections of text and simply ignore all of the Blue words contained in the highlighted section. I do not want English vocabulary added to my known word count, and some ebooks can have large sections of English text. If there was simply way to mass ignore without needing to click on every single word dealing with the issue would be of negligible inconvenience.

Neither of these options would appear to be of terrible difficulty to implement as they just provide the user with a simpler means of turning off blue items, no need to modify dictionaries or intelligently identify non-TL text. Just provide easy to use bulk ignore options! There’s already the “X” hotkey for ignoring text, let it function in highlighted sections of text.

I typically edit the lesson and delete all of the paragraphs that I want to ignore. Unfortunately, the formatting of a table of contents (and similarly structured pages) are often split into many paragraphs making it not a quick fix in the editor. :confused:

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True, if there was a method of editing lessons that allowed one to edit lessons in a more “Plain text” format for easily making large changes that would also be very convenient.

Preferably both options would exist so that you had an option if you wanted to leave those sections of text intact, and just generally interact with the app in the way you find most suitable. I just find it particularly irksome because the functionality to ignore words (and edit lesson text) already exists within LingQ, given how much of LingQ’s usefulness lies in utilizing external materials.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We will see what we can do.

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