If there was one thing I could add to linq

Does anyone have dream additions or modifications to lingq?

Mine would be a ‘review meter’ next to the apple daily lingqs. i never read old material. lingqs only come from new material. So to be rewarded for reviewing previous material would incentive my desire to read old books and content that i tackled at the start but i avoid cause i get lingqs for new content only.


Yes, it sucks that you can’t keep the streak when reviewing stuff only.


Intermediate content in lesser studied languages and more languages


Better formatting on content, particularly imported content. Ability to highlight larger sections of content and get the translation (even if “Add LingQ” is disabled for these larger sections). I prefer sentence mode in general for this reason, but sometimes in that mode it may not be clear who is speaking (as in a novel).

In the app…sentence mode seems to break if it’s a longer passage or lots of clauses in the sentence. It would be nice if it worked on these longer passages. Also text to speech doesn’t seem to work in sentence mode on much of this type of content…even if the passage is short. i.e. It doesn’t work at all on any imported book I’ve done. You can highlight, add lingq and play it, but that’s not very efficient.


I would love unsupported language slots where we can attach our own dictionaries. Then I can finally move my Irish, Icelandic, and Maltese study here.

  1. Having an official bilingual dictionary for words translations instead of relying on users or having to enter our own. Even with possibility to buy the extra dictionaries inside. So to speed up time and focus on content.

  2. Possibility to buy audiobooks + text directly on LingQ

  3. Possibility to buy podcasts with transcripts inside LingQ

  4. To be able to order in the “Library” view for the number of blue words or yellow words. And having the possibility to SKIP and don’t see in the list any lesson or article with 0 blue words. This will always give an ordered progression on what kind of content we could read afterwards.

  5. Folders on “My Lessons” so that we can organise the courses we have already done without having to eliminate them, if we want to have some order inside our own library.

  6. A better “help” content organization with everything inside it so that’s possible to find everything we need in one only container. Including better inner searching tool.

  7. Possibility to reply on the written corrections or at least a button to “like” the person that made the correction.

  8. A better referral program with cookies tracking and custom links and/or coupon codes.

  9. The possibility to privately share our private courses and lessons to other users. Or export/import them.


I would only add two things:

  1. The ability to bold or underline text. (This may be coming in 5.0)

  2. The ability to copy and paste sentence end markers. I need to copy my lessons to my wife’s account which means I need to edit the end markers twice before generating the times from imported audio. I’ve gotten pretty good at it, so it doesn’t take a lot of time, but it would be nice and really the only reason I need to edit them is that I don’t like extremely short sentences like “Sí.” and hanging “he saids and she saids”.

Maybe the ease of accessibility to canceling out or not carrying forward with paid membership anymore. The process should be hassle-free not creating posts after posts by users about this on an open forum.

  1. Ability to customize your goals (I prefer ‘words read’ over Lingqs created)
  2. Better compatibility with monolingual dictionaries
  3. Ability to put a course or lesson into a ‘review’ folder

The ability to sort the lessons in a course. Any sort at all would be useful, such as:

  • completed/not completed
  • length of audio
  • total number of words
  • percentage of unknown words

A button that lets you go forward 5 seconds (or more). At least while the progress of the audio file is not saved in the desktop version, it’s quite a hassle to find the exact spot again.

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yes to 2) and 3) I’m totally for that as well. maybe they could even implement a system where if you are a premium or lifetime user you get X amount of books for free per month as part of your subscription and if you want more you can pay for them…

also someone mentioned better formatting

also the possibility to edit a lesson while reading (so you don’t have to go into the editor every time and save your changes and then go back)

and this is Korean-specific (and I think also for Japanese and I don’t know which other languages use them…) the possibility to highlight words without the particles at the end to make lingqs

PS I just thought of another thing - the possibility to download the lessons to go through them offline


Dark mode


To be able to put courses into one course.

I don’t understand what you want. You want to put a course with lessons inside of another course with lessons?? You want a course with lessons to be a lesson inside another course??

For example to create a course with bond books which consists of courses with lessons made up of chapters.

It would make it easier to find the books you want when you have as many books as I.

I understand. Search and filters do that job for me.

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The ability to upload articles in our native language, highlight, and get suggested phrases in the target language we want to learn about.

Extensive reading mode (paging creates blank lingqs of blue words).

A better audio player that’s actually built with language learners in mind. A simple A-B repeat would be amazing (I am not talking about looping a whole recording, just a selected part).
There should be an option to show translation by default on an app (right now you have to reveal it by clicking).
It would be also nice to have ability to turn off the markings on words if you chose so. This would make it impossible to hunt for blue words, while ignoring the rest of the text.