If possible, please add this chinese dictionary

This is URL,

If possible, I would like to add this dictionary for Chinese for LingQ. I think it is a nice dictionary for looking up unknown words.

The following french dictionary is also useful.


great! I’ll save the french one for future reference :wink:

I just added the Youdao dictionary for English to Chinese and Chinese - English. What language combination were you using Shigeharu? I also added the French wiktionary for French - French.

Thank you very much for your work, Mr. Kauffmann. I usually use Babylon (Chinese-English) to search basic Chinese words but also use Youdao dictionary when I can not find words or appropriate explanations (also example phrases) in Babylon.

do you find it to be better than MDBG?

thanks dillemme and Seriph for your links, in turn here is my suggest: http://www.popupchinese.com/tools/

Seriph, junair, Thank you very much for your help. If I cannot find good explanation, I will use these dictionary.


I have just accessed these dictionaries. I found the stroke orders of Chinese characters fantastic. I must say that I don’t know very well how to write simplified caracters. Thanks to all the systems of these dictionaries, we can practice writing.

I’ve just added MDBG as well. popupchinese can’t be added

dillemme, could you please tell about the characters which are the same for Japanese and Chinese, how many of them are there?

I think that bassic 500 Chinese characters are not so difficult to write and to guess except for simplified characters, more than 50% are as same as Japanese ones (sorry, I have not researched it yet), but the pronunciation between Chinese ones and Japanese ones is different.

bassic 500 Chinese characters–>>500 bassic Chinese characters

Sorry, the word order is incorrect.

If possible, could you also add the following dictionary for Chinese? This is a very useful Chinese-Japanese dictionary.
(Now I got so many words and characters in Chinese, More I get, more I need my native language’s explanation.)

The more I get, the more I need my native language’s explanation.

@dillemme - I have added that dictionary. Enjoy!

Thak you very much, Mark.

@mark : I found this thread from a while back in which you mention you added the MDBG dictionary. Has it been removed since then or am I missing something? It doesn’t seem to be present any more. Together with nciku, it’s definitely one of the most complete dictionaries I’ve encountered so far, so I would love to have it available directly from within LingQ.

I would like to see (Example query for 煎饼)

MDBG (Chinese-English):

HanDeDIct (Chinese-German):

bab.la (Chinese-German):