IE8 prpblem

Hi Mark, since I’ve installed IE8 I can’t see teacher’s “Schedule”, by clicking on the field nothing happens. Could you give me any hints? Thanks

Hi Jürgen, I have the problem that I have to scroll to the top after clicking “Schedule” with IE. Maybe this works for you. Vera

IE8 causes a bunch of problems on the site but I think it’s not just ours because they have something called “compatibility mode” which can be turned on and which makes the browser work like IE7. There is a button up beside the address bar or you can find it in the menu of IE8.

It is strange Vera, but I had to scroll to the bottom to see schedule, now I switched as Mark recommended. Thanks Mark! But generally I’ve decided to use Mozilla.

This is really strange. I change between IE7 and Firefox. Some things work better with IE, other things with FF.

Well if it’s not working with Firefox then you’re doing something wrong. I can’t even imagine using any form of IE on my own computer. It’s just a bad product. I’d just stick with Firefox. Google Chrome looks promising but it’s still early in its life…

There are some things on the tutors sites, blindside.

Chrome is not bad, I use it too. But chrome ranks as a superior personal data collector. When I start chrome I see my hard disc is working all the time. That’s a bit unpleasant.

very good point, junair