IE issues fixed, writing import improvements

We have pushed a few updates in the last few days. You can now import again in Internet Explorer. The text editor has been fixed. As well, you should now be able to select phrases in IE without having words disappearing on you. We have also made some improvements when you import writing. You will now also import your notes when importing your writing and your writing will be grouped in the Writing Reports collection automatically. This makes the import of your writing reports function the same way as the importing of conversation reports.

Great news! I just received back corrected my Japanese writing and imported it. Importing work excellent! All that my tutor put at her report, are shown properly (as you remember at the writing report page enters do not shown at all). I like this improvement!

I’ve found a bag :slight_smile:
Once you have imported writing, and then deleted this lesson, you can’t re-import this writing.

Hmm… Now I see that writings were imported… Although when I clicked on"Import" button I received error message “unhandled exception”. But now I see these imported lessons at my lesson page.

I am just day dreaming and so ignore me if this is too difficult to do. I am using Google Reader to read my RSS feeds. Whenever I want to add a new blog entry, I just click on the “Add a subscription” button and paste the URL of the blog entry I am reading. Google Reader will figure out the proper settings and start tracking the blog’s RSS feed for me. If LingQ could something similar, it would be absolutely mind blowing! Imagine an English learner following The Linguist blog. Whenever Steve writes a new piece, it would be automatically imported into the learner’s LingQ collection. We are talking about language learner heaven here! I am also dreaming of the day when LingQ would be acquired by Google. This will completely revolutionize language learning in the world! (By the way, have you guys patented your LingQ technology? You never know, Google might want to do something similar one day…)

On a more serious note, this import feature should be more heavily publicized. It is in fact an incredibly powerful feature whose power has not been fully explained/appreciated. You might even want to give a more fanciful name, say, PowerLinQing or something. I mean, for a language learner, being able to keep a collection/database of the articles of your choice and to be able create Flashcards for them is the ultimate of you want to do. I don’t know what other online or standalone flashcard/SRS would allow you to do that.

In fact, the import feature can conceivably be used by people not learning one of the languages offered by LingQ, for example, Danish. I don’t know the technical issues involved but I’d imagine there would not be too much work involved in linking LingQ to some Danish dictionaries?


I have no idea about how feasible these ideas are but I love them. Keep them coming. Mark will respond in detail when he has time. Oh, and we have quite a few more ideas up our sleeves.