Ideas to improve the Avatar

So we’re stuck with “it”, we better do something to improve it. If you can’t beat them, join them!. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • I find the avatar way too childish. So a new picture of that “thing”, more to a grown up likes, not so childish along with a new background would be great. The clothes, I love, they’re nicely done, very appealing.

  • I’d also like to be able to mix clothes from different sets. I could have the Napoleon hat with the musketeer’s trousers. This way we can set off our creativity and have unique avatars. Maybe create some wigs of different colours, that could be fun too.

  • Also be able to reset our points and buy different things with them. Or if we’ve bought one hat and we don’t like it so much, we could deselect it and try on a different hat. This way we can change our avatar’s looks from time to time too.

@ Berta: Soon I may be the only one left with naked avatars now that even you are feeling an urge to do something with them. Is there no stopping the invasion?

@Sanne I don’t think so. I believe the idea of having avatars isn’t that awful, the only thing is that they need improvements so we can engage a bit more with them. They won’t go away so we better embrace them!

Or you can use an ad blocking extension for your browser, and block the avatar altogether. That’s what I did.

@berta - We will be adding more avatar body types in the future. We’ll try and come with a democratic way of finding the most popular styles. Mixing and matching outfit components is going to be more difficult and may not happen for a while. You are free to switch outfits however. If you buy both the Napoleon and musketeer outfit you can switch back and forth between them. There won’t be a reset option, you just have to create more LingQs… :slight_smile:

Ad’Block? I use that, and in some pages sometimes when I refresh the page, all the pictures are gone.

@mark the thing is that when I purchased the clothes for French I didn’t know that you had to choose or Napoleon or musketeer. And now I’ve ended up with a Napoleon hat and shirt+trousers from the musketeer :(((

I see that is a mistake I made and I’ll end up regretting all my life hahahah

As I said berta, you just need to create a few more LingQs so you can buy the rest of the outfit. :wink: Also, we intend to add more outfits too, so a better outfit may come along in the future!

yes mark we know, I’m on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

You should first let the user select the personality (Musketeer or Napeleon), after that one can buy hat, boots, etc.
I wasted my credits and bought Musketeer’s trousers and other stuff from Napoleon. Later I saw that the Musketeer’s trousers are not used at all… :-(((

welcome to my club hape!!! I have a hat from Napoleon and a shirt+trousers from Musketeer, and I have no money left!

That happens because things are either not well explained and/or the avatar shop is not well designed. :frowning:

I have to confess I didn’t read that paragraph above, I just assumed that if you were allowed to buy from different sets you’d be able to use them either way.

Originally we had the intention of mixing and matching, but it proved to be extremely difficult due to the wide variety of clothing that exists. The good news is that because they don’t all have to fit nicely together, each outfit on its own looks much nicer.
Perhaps the hats can be the exception, but we’ll have to see :slight_smile:

oh Alex that makes sense then :slight_smile:

No offense is intended: I’d like to be able to pick what initially shows up on top. I rather see the badge in the corner of my eye over the freaky pink guy.

danya, I discovered that if you talk to the Avatar, then, put some clothes on it, the freakiness appears less freaky. All that pink is bound to be bad for the peripheral vision. @.@

Itsy, the Avatar on my wall, makes demands like you would not believe! Itsy told me to get to work because I have all this potential and to stop wasting time eyeing its pink flesh and so on. So I got to work and now I don’t hear a peep out of Itsy! And Itsy has stopped staring at me too. Whew! what a relief! Though Itsy better not start asking me for iPods, or iPads, or coffee, or beer, or tea or whatever else is in that store. >.<

I don’t care about an avatar itself. I’m worried about system stability. First of all offline server. Its not for long time, but I don’t have all day for Linq. Second - flashcards. Before system “upgrade” I received email with new words and link to 25 flashcards every day. I was very happy with it. Now every day is different. Sometimes I get my 25 words, sometimes I get 0, today I received just 1 word. And now flashcards sometimes includes known words (marked with 4). Maybe those issues are not big deal, but I prefer to use stabile system. I don’t need fancy widgets witch affects stability. I’m worried if you continue “upgrades” more issues will arise.

@Peteris - We apologize for any downtime. Unfortunately downtime is an issue that affects most websites, but I assure you that we are constantly working on improving the performance and stability of the site regardless of what major upgrades we are working on.

The LingQs of the Day emails are working properly. The issue is that you haven’t created as many LingQs in the past couple of weeks, therefore there aren’t as many new LingQs showing up. Each LingQ follows a specific algorithm for when it will show up in the LingQs of the Day email, so if you don’t create LingQs for a while then the number of LingQs that appear in the email will slowly diminish.

How about Avatars that get podgy and out of shape if we don’t work out regularly?