Ideas to improve LingQ

Not sure if such a thread allready exists somewhere…
i couldnt find it and dont think the sole suggestion i have deserves its own thread…
Truthfully haven`t been using the writing exchange much but from time to time i browse over it but very rarely find something in my target language written…
I´m not an it-guy but guess implementing a filter / search option would be doable ?

feel free to give your opinion or post your own ideas what features would be nice to have or could improve LingQ for all of us…

I have written it before here and I am sure others have done the same many times. The greatest improvement for Lingq would be to also offer languages without created content.

Or just offer members the possibility to create their own slot for a language and choose whatever online dictionary is available. This way this plattform could be used for learners of every language for which an online dictionary exists.

With time these languages could develope into supported languages. Having the mini stories as a prerequisite to launch a language excludes a great number of dedicated self learners who would like to use the plattform using their own content.


I also agree, and special to filter courses in ”My lesson” for ”folders”, ”level learning”, ” number of words (total, know, …)”.


My profile Login - LingQ contains my LingQ review after 1 month heavy usage — with many bugs, problems, annoyances… But I doubt that anything will be fixed or changed in the near future.

I would add the ability to group courses into one course. So for example you could add all books of a specific author into one course


One thing I’ve noticed which slows me down personally (having used similar programmes) is the pop up window for looking up definitions - it would be great if that could be integrated into the page itself. I know that seems a minor point but after looking up hundreds/thousands of words, that time spent jumping between pages and windows does make a difference. Apart from that, my main wish would be for the various bugs to be fixed (especially inability to import vocabulary which I still can’t do nearly 2 months after first purchasing premium).


Previously put forward - the native podcast transcript project :

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The most significant improvement to LingQ would be to allow an option to apply a single definition to all variations and derivatives of a word. In other words, if, for example, we could define a verb in its infinitive form and then simply have that definition populate all of the verb’s conjugations and derived adjectives, the learning process would be vastly more efficient.


I wouldn’t change a single thing. I think it’s great.

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Thank you for sharing, the technical aspects of this website are a disaster. It’s riddled with bugs. If they didn’t have such a big library for the languages I’m interested in I would have switched a long time ago.

Another small thing. You should be able to ignore a word sequence instead of just individual words. SOme books have foreign language passages, or you just want to get through the copyright disclaimers in the beginning of an ebook. Ignoring every single word is a drag, especially since the location of the button changes, which is higher or lower, depending on the number of saved translations, so you have to adjust your curser everytime as well.


Oh God yes. With Latin that would be a godsend (and I have seen something similar with other programmes in terms of a ‘this word looks like this other word - would you like to click to add same definition?’

They’d need to lemmatize all the words. I know it’s possible because Learn Languages with Netflix does it with subtitles.

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Yes, I agree. Also, it is interesting would put togheter courses by own tags, example, favourite leccion, or, by level.

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I think that an amazing thing that improve a lot my listening is put on linqs LOOP function for original audio in each leccion. I lear better when I listen a lot time the same phrase, but I want to chose what part convert in a LOOP . There is few apps for Chrome that are be able to do a loop on youtube.


I would advise to add filtering by language to community/exchange. I can help someone in their russian or ukrainian works but can not filter them out from other languages so I need to scroll down a lot of other works on other language which don’t know.


I agree with you , think this feature would improve the site and shouldn`t be that hard to do

я погоджуюсь з тобою. я думаю , ця функція покращити б сайт і не слід бути так важко зробити.

god oh god please, in Korean there are a gazillion conjugations/honorific versions of the same root word and this would be amazing!

One section of the derivative words should show the definition/examples we set for the root word and there should be another section where we can put additional notes/definitions for the specific conjugation/version we clicked on-IF we so please.

Working off of what TonyA said:

  1. Allow assignments of definitions/notes to both the root version of the word as well as the specific version (honorific/conjugation/etc.) of the highlighted word.

This should be set up such that if the root version of a derivative word is set, this will appear for all versions/derivatives of that word. Here’s an example in Korean:

root - 먹다 (to eat) has many tense/politeness levels and conjugations:

declarative present informal low 먹어
declarative present informal high 먹어요
declarative present formal low 먹는다
declarative present formal high 먹습니다
past base 먹었
declarative past informal low 먹었어
declarative past informal high 먹었어요
declarative past formal low 먹었다

and 20ish other versions that I could find

Filling out definitions many times over is very tiresome and painful-to both sanity and hands! I’m not sure how difficult this would be to implement but if it is possible, it would be wonderful.


This is available for mobile, why do we not have this on web? My poor eyes are going blind from reading for hours on the web app, for the love of god please put this in.

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I would also like to be adding in version 5.0, these very useful improvements from this script, made for the LingQ site by our classmate, @ibn_rushd, Reddit - Dive into anything , and the last version Reddit - Dive into anything