Ideal length for content?

What’s the ideal length for lessons on LingQ?

I found some great content that I’d like to share, but the each podcast is between 30 to 45 minutes long.

Please advise.



Did you find this content on the internet? In that case you could share the links! 30 to 45 five minutes would not be too long for me!

Yes! I found them on the internet :slight_smile:

I think the key question is “Are you allowed to share the podcasts?” As this site is a commercial site you need to have permission to share copyrighted material before you publish it here.

If you create your own podcasts you won’t have to worry about copyright issues. As to the length, once learners get past the beginner’s stage and reach an intermediate level, 30-45 minutes is fine.

Beginners need shorter podcasts, intermediates longer ones and advanced longest of all. If you want to get a lot of low level learners listening to your podcasts then you would need to go for shorter.

Beside the other problemes that have been mentioned you should keep in mind, that lessons now have a maximum length of 2,000 words. So you need to split the audio …

Hi Vera,

I just checked my import again, and I noticed that the text is cut as you said it would be.

I will have to go back and split up the audio.

Thanks for letting me know on this!

In what language are the podcasts? Could you share the links with us, so we can import them privately.

Yay - more Korean content! 3 months until I start learning Korean.