Idea: Vocabulary lists/adjustable importancy of words

I often stumble upon words that I would like to learn faster than other words, but unfortunately the only way for me to learn those is to review the lessons in which I have encountered them manually or hope that they show up in my daily LingQs.

It would be nice if you could add an option in which you can either make personal vocabulary lists or an option in which you can set the priority of a certain word to low - medium - high. There are so many words that I encounter that I don’t really plan on learning by heart (I don’t see myself talking about HIV prevention any time soon)

Hope something like this is already in the pipeline, if not; please consider.


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Agreed. I’d love just to be able to “star” certain words for later review.

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Hi! This is possible with a slight adjustment to how you use the site :slight_smile:

You can add tags to LingQs. Tags are completely customizable, so if you want to “mark” a word as important or related to a specific topic that you want to review, you can add a tag. Just click “Add Tags” in the yellow pane and enter a tag like “important” or "biology or “business”. You can then go to the Vocabulary page, click this tag on the right, then filter further by Status, etc. using the filters on the right.

Hopefully this helps!

Great. I never knew this. I will give it a try, but stil I would like to suggest that you make it a more obvious feature. I like Gregs idea: a simple star to mark it as important. A simple feature that doesnt need a lot of explanation but does what it needs to do

I’m being thick. How do you add tags to existing lingQs?


While not quite the same thing, you can review your vocabulary ranked by importance in the Vocabulary section. Other than that, I simply Tag important words or phrases with the tag “Key” and then review them all in the vocab section.

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Thank you so much for bringing this topic up, cozziemickey, and for all the help, Alex. Until now I have been putting words I find hard to remember into an app and bookmarking them. It works reasonably well but takes time.

The tagging, as explained (thanks so much Alex) will be much faster, easier too. At least I now understand tagging…so it’s not just you V75! :slight_smile:

@Steve, I used to listen to one of your videos relating to “some words you remember quite easily, others take quite a time”, I now know how to concentrate on those little devils!

Thanks to all, Sue.

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I will give that a try too. Time to go through all my LingQs and get a system running. Thank you Steve