Idea: Simplifying vocabulary in lessons with AI

I believe it could be useful to employ an AI system like, for example, Claude (which can handle longer texts) to create a copy of a LingQ lesson by simplifying the vocabulary used.

For instance, if you import an ebook that you’re eager to read but it’s way above your current level in your target language, it could lower the difficulty, making it easier to engage in extensive reading of the lesson.

It would be like having a “graded reader” for a real novel, but for any LingQ lesson. I’ve been conducting some experiments with Claude, simplifying texts, and I’ve had good results both in simplifying vocabulary and simplifying grammar

I’m not a big fan of repeating lessons, and often I find that lessons with vocabulary at my level don’t interest me or capture my attention sufficiently. What are your thoughts about this?


This is an interesting idea. To go straight into native level content that has had its verbs/phrases changed to more everyday ones. I think we will see more cool stuff like this experimented with when the price point becomes worthwhile on scale. Will also be interesting to see what AI features people actually use that are built into the native LingQ website/app in the future.


I like the idea (simplifying existing story/lesson). gmeyer and I discussed that a little bit on another thread. Although I’m almost going the opposite direction of you. I’m looking to potentially get more repetition, but I don’t like to re-read anything that’s going to take me more than a few minutes. I’ve been asking ChatGPT to summarize news articles, highlighting key vocabulary. I’m also taking these summarizations and asking to create a dialogue from them, which is kind of fun. You might try that if Claude can do it. I also tried asking it to simplify the language to A2 level or something like that, which is the gist of what you are suggesting here. It works great and definitely something I will utilize if I start to do a new language from scratch.

Totally agree that often the lessons for beginner levels are not terribly interesting. Using AI is a great way to simplify things you might enjoy. Pick some native level content anywhere that is interesting and simplify it with AI. Good stuff.

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Looks like it has arrived! Maybe there is another thread about this, but I haven’t seen it…

Just last night I discovered the tool in a lesson, and I am pleased to see it. I had been doing this anyway in ChatGPT so it is nice to just click a button in LingQ.


Just tried this option worked awesome it was so easy to read the original text after reading the simplified version. Way to go!


Awesome idea, and awesome to see it implemented! It probably doesn’t work equally well for every language, but then again, once we “graduate” to the original, we get the correct input again, and much more of it, at that!

With that said, here comes a bug report (attention @zoran :sweat_smile:) : I’ve done this twice with Persian podcast lessons so far. The first time went smoothly, but the second try resulted in a simplified lesson in English! I haven’t played around with it enough to see if the error is repeatable, but I’m probably not the only one this has happened (of will happen) to.

Still really cool concept, I’m a fan!