Idea for the site

I had an idea for LingQ, and maybe some of you can give me your opinions on the matter.

The idea of LingQ, from my own observations is that it prides itself in giving the learner the power to put the lessons/learning in their own plans; choose what you want to learn, what you want to study, etc.

This includes uploading your own content.

However, rhetorical question: what if I want to upload content that has NO audio? Do I just read in silence? What if we were to have the option where we can post ‘job postings’ to request native speakers to read the content, record it, then submit it for the lesson?

I was thinking of posting this in a craigslist ad for the native speakers in my area, but thought I’d post the idea here to see what people thought.

Any other ideas for this website? I’m posting this share ideas, but not criticize LingQ.

I agree with " job postings "

You can ask for recordings on the Exchange Site.

If you use texts under copyright, you should ask privately. If you want to share text and audio as a lesson, the text must be free of copyright, or the content provider has to give you permission. Additionally, the person who makes the recording has to give you permission.

“Job Postings” is already an option on this site! :wink:

Your idea for the site: “rhetorical question: what if I want to upload content that has NO audio? Do I just read in silence? What if we were to have the option where we can post ‘job postings’ to request native speakers to read the content, record it?” already exists.

Your idea for the site already exists in the exchange. If you go to the top of the screen and click tasks, post request, you will see that you can do exactly that. You can post whatever text you wish privately to Evgueny and he will record it for you. You can then “then submit it [as audio] for the lesson” you want to study in your own privately uploaded content.

If it happens to be content you wrote yourself, you can submit it publicly and Evgueny can record it for you and then submit it as a lesson in the library. He does this all the time.

Not only can you opt for the two options above, you can submit any content no longer under copyright [lasts 70 years], or any content you have permission from the copyright owner to Evgueny in the same way and he can put it into the library as a lesson so anyone can enjoy it.

Audio recordings of texts take place in exchange of points, you offer points to the native speaker to read the content and record it for you.

This function already exists on LingQ.

My native language is Arabic and I want to record lessons In Arabic…So how I can do that ?..And will I get LingQs of these lessons ?

Wow, I am surprised I did not know about this feature. I support I should explore around the site more! Thanks everyone.

Okay, so my first idea already exists, but what if we had journals?

When I was active the car community/internet forums, we would have journals for our car projects and post our progress.

What if we did that? Everyone had their own journals to where they could organize their thoughts, and perhaps challenge each other to post YouTube videos.

I’m sorry, but that idea already exists too :slight_smile:

You have the “Wall” on your profile to add everything you like. On the Exchange you can search for your “friends” only and see what they are doing.

In former version we had more select options, and we could choose a special kind of interaction only to be displayed. I liked this better. But LingQ decided to change it the Exchange Site and make it simplier (with less options).

Glad to have been of help!

If you get a chance to explore the site more, you’ll find you can do much more than you think.

The site is in constant change which means that certain features disappear and others appear.

Also for Russian, you really should get in touch with Evgueny. He has a depth of knowledge and is very active here. Seize the opportunity while you can!

You will get points. The points may be used to pay for text corrections, audio recordings, etc. on the Exchange page. These points will be not enough for speaking.

What if there is an option that allow the learner to ask native speakers to make for him a course of subject that he like

Use this Forum for such ideas :wink: