Idea for the LingQ widget

I have a little idea to improve the LingQ widget. Now the widget catches and automatically put in a ‘Phrase’ place an incidental part of text (some words before and after the ‘Word’). In my fillings ‘Examples’ selected in this way not always but often are useless and then I have to correct selected words. What do you think about the idea like this: the LingQ widget should choose like a ‘Phrase’ and automatically put in the right place all sentence in which is the marked ‘Word’, all text from the first dot before the ‘Word’ to the first dot after the ‘Word’. I feel that all sentence in most of situations is more useful than incidentally chosen a part.

That is what I am often doing but sometimes the sentence are very long. I reduce the sentence for a good force of expression.
From dot to dot is not would not be the best solution (for me).

sorry, I think I misunderstood your idea.
If you mean the sentence in “Examples” from point to point, than I agree!!
In Examples the readable text is at most too short für a correct understanding.

I have a feeling that whatever implementation they choose, we still have to edit the examples somehow, because we all have different preferences. We might as well get used to the current implementation. I have trained myself to become quick in doing copy-and-paste from the texts.

I agree with you that we have different preferences. I did not want to say that my idea is the best, I only wanted to check if there are more users who fell like me or if I am only one :). Secondly, I can not agree with you that “whatever implementation they choose, we still have to edit the examples somehow”. I think that we should search, in every case, the most profitable implementation which will be useful for most of us in the most of incidents. I agree with Irene that sometimes the whole sentence is too long and it must be shortened but in my opinion it happens not so often.

OK, I am only asking about your opinions, this is nothing very important and even though I find this particular solution not exactly good for me I want to say that I LOVE THE LINGQ :slight_smile:

I do not think we will change it now. There were problems with going for full sentences, from period to period. One was the length of many sentences as I remember. We do intend to make it possible to click from any example to the sentence and paragraph where it was found. We also intend to Flash Card from the Hint or Phrase as well as the word. We may also enable the learner to easily create a new LingQ from the phrase after he has edited it.

So we are proceeding as fast as we can to improve. All ideas and comments are welcome. We want to make it as good as it can be for everyone.

Thanks for the feedback Loby and Edwin.

I should have added our good friend Irene as well. Thanks for the feedback and sorry we cannot always respond to your suggestions.

It’s clear that you have to pursue an own guidline but I think it’s good for us to have the possibility to write our preferences how to work.


You are doing the best thing to improve this system: saying what you think. Here we can be aware about your idea and agree or not.

The Mozilla Firefox Community does the same. In the website, users and developers around the world can post ideas. Theses ideas are ranked (you can give a score to the idea), and after a voting period, the most voted feature are added in the next version.