Idea for LingQ 2.0.1

It would be nice to be able to attach a little picture with the lingQ and create a new kind of exercise where it shows you the picture and you must guess the word and viceversa.

I’ve been using this metod with the babbel app and I must say its an easier way to learn new words.


You can attach pictures already. In the yellow LingQ editor, click the LingQ logo to the left of the word (it has a + symbol kn the bottom right corner). I’m not sure where they show during reviews.

You were right, there’s a add picture link, but you must upload the file… that sucks. My idea was something like what Google Docs do when you click add a picture, there you have 2 options: upload the file OR (my favorite) use google image search to find the image you want, select it using a click and there you go, but with LingQ, there could use an automatic way (exactly what happens with the google translate option) where the word is searched on google Image and use it for the LingQ. Obviously the user will have the option to change the picture if it’s not helpful.

Hi ! Another good thing will be having directly and automatically our native language flag in first position as index if possible … You know what I mean ?

@exodus - I think you can do this already by setting your dictionary language to your native language on the settings page.

Hey !! You’ve right keke … I didn’t know that … Thank you very much :wink:

It would be good if we could also remove the picture. I attached a photo of a train to the LingQ for “slowly” in Polish and now I cannot remove it, not even by deleting and remaking the LingQ.

@bigzaqui - Sounds like a neat idea. We’ll add that to our wishlist.
@mikebond - I’ll add that to the list.