Idea for improving pronunciation on lingq!

i find that i am able to retain vocabulary much faster by speaking. Therefore, i think a pronunciation training feature here would be the very helpful for other foreign language learners:

we already have a way to practice vocabulary with the cards, cloze, dictation, and multiple choice feature on ling, but what if lingq added a pronunciation function?

here is how it would work:

it would be much like the dictation feature but instead of writing the word, you would have to record yourself saying it.

afterwards, you would hear a side by comparison.

it would also be nice to be able to change the automatic voice on the cards and replace it with either your own voice, or by a native speaker from, for example.

imagine if lingq was able to collaborate with forvo!

It would be really lovely to see this idea become a reality.

how about it, technical support? :))

Greetings and much love from Germany,


@netsreik92 - Thanks for your suggestion! Our wishlist is always quite long, and we’re not able to add everything we’d like. A pronunciation feature has been on our list for a while but isn’t yet something that we’re planning on building. Instead, what you can try is recording yourself reading a text and submitting it on the Exchange as a request for pronunciation correction. This way a native speaker can come on and give you suggestions on your pronunciation.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas let us know :slight_smile: