I'd love to meet up with all of you guys

what does the phrasal verb " meet up with" mean? does it mean meet?
help me plz!

You have it! When someone says “Lets meet up on Sunday!” it is the same thing as saying “Lets meet on Sunday!”. It’s usually used in casual situations, like if you want to meet a friend for coffee on the weekend to chat.

oh my god! she says: “you’ve got a good memory like " you go a gift memory” and make me understand nothing even i can’t hear what she saying.

She says something like "if I’ve got a good memory, so have you (she’s referring to a birthday coming up). Her voice is a little bit indistinct.

Be glad you are not listening to the British one, where the voice is very clear but the sound quality is quite bad.

Let’s try to not assault people’s ears!