Icona Money progress

Why the icona of money’s progress is always grey now and doesn’t show the green progress circle anymore?

Are you referring to the Activity Streak icon?

I don’t know how it’s called: it’s the round icon with the green cinconference that become complete when you have reached the exact amount of money request for that day based on your targe. Now is alway grey witha a flame in it and without the green circonference. I have always to click on the number to see the progress.

This is the screenshot

It means you’re going in!!!

But if you really want the full answer here you go :smiley:
What’s the Streak and How Do I Maintain it? - LingQ Knowledge Base (wixanswers.com)

yes, if that was at the end of the day after my day work; the fact is that it is like this at the beginning of the day when I am at 0/400 money. I think it got stuck and that is the problem. The way it is now is completely useless. (and… I know what it is the streak and that’s why now that it doesn’t work the icons, that sucks)

ok now I have understood: in order to have back the beautiful prior icon I have to miss a day so that I cut the streak and go back to the normality.

Not sure but I think it’s weekly activity not daily ? That’s why it’s silver at the start of your day. I could be wrong !!

No it isn’t. It’s daily activity; in fact at the center of it, when I open the menù, is written the number of money gained at that point of the day (ex. 250/400)

Maybe it is because the streak is lasting many days; in fact it turned grey a couple of days ago: so tomorrow I won’t use Lingq so then it will return the same as it was in the past