It looks like Icelandic has finally been added! A few hours ago I tried switching to Icelandic but it didn’t work, now it does but theres no content. Does anyone know when mini stories will be out?


Yup, Icelandic and Armenian are now study languages at LingQ! :slight_smile:
Content is being added and mini stories in both languages will be available soon.


I’ve got some lessons that I’m adding as well. Should be a few up now, will keep adding more as I have time.

There is some stuff now for Beginner 1 through Intermediate 2.

3 Likes has a lot of ebooks available (for purchase).

Lots of Disney films have dubs into Icelandic as well.


There’s a few lessons on there, I’m tempted to have a stab at them myself. I’m not sure about the mini stories, but they’ve ready to go from what I hear from the content creator’s comments.

There are some lessons there now. I think the 60 mini-stories are being added one by one now.


My app hasn’t been updated yet? and there’s no update available for it on the App Store.

Watch out though that the reader in this story is NOT a native Icelandic speaker. I can clearly hear how he isn´t Login - LingQ

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I will add a few short lessons I´ve created myself tomorrow if nothing comes up. I´ve also translated the Eating out and Greetings and goodbye courses, but need to read/record and edit them.


You don’t need to update the app, they’re just available in the langauge list.

I wasnt able to find it on the ios app, but I went online and added it and then went back on the app and it showed up.

Thanks for pointing that out. I think this course is geared towards immigrants to Iceland and seems to include them in some of the lessons. I’ve made a note of it on the lesson. I’m not sure if you’re able to add notes like that as well to these lessons, but it would sure be helpful to have that kind of disclaimer where needed.

Here is a fun song about Iceland:

It may only be a tourist ad, but its catchy and has a few Icelandic words that make a good first exposure.

I think I will be able to add comments like that after LingQ makes me a librarian, which I thing should happen soon.

I have added 5 short lessons today, that I made myself. They are split into 2 courses, one is just going to contain simple texts and the other one is about the Icelandic language and how to use it.


Thanks for your amazing efforts Rokkvi!

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Correct, the audio books are in their app only, but it works well for me.

Several Mini Stories have now been added; 18 from what I can see, although there may be more by the time you read this. I also found this interesting website called “The Icelandic Saga Database” where I’ve been importing accounts from the Icelandic history to unpack and digest:



I would love some help from someone who knows Icelandic with translating an English sentence into Icelandic. This is the sentence I would like translated:

“A true warrior needs no sword.”

From my own research online I’ve come up with “Sannur stríðsmaður þarf ekkert sverð.”

Potential alternatives to “stríðsmaður” appear to be “bardagamaður” and “hermaður”.

But maybe none what I’ve found so far is what it should be. I would be incredibly grateful if someone could help me find the most accurate translation to my sentence.

Thanks a ton in advance!

The first translation is correct but you could use the others, depending on what you want to say exactly. Stríðsmaður is a man who goes to war, so pretty much the straight translations of warrior. Hermaður is a soldier, more like a job title or member of a formal army. Bardagamaður is more like a fighter and does not need to be someone who goes to war or fights with weapons at all. Bardagamaður could be an MMA fighter for example, although it can be someone who goes into war. Bardagi can just be a fight but it can also be a battle.

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