Icelandic library vastly expanded ...and expanding

Audio is good, but it would need to be transcribed as well, unless they can provide the transcriptions. It’s not going to be as good as when you have the actual displays to look at, since the audio is mostly descriptions of the displays. I could probably use an AI to mostly transcribe the speech if the museum doesn’t have the transcriptions. It’s worth contacting them about it anyway, so thanks for the tip.

Impressive progress with the Icelandic library on LingQ! Getting permissions for RÚV podcasts is a big win. :innocent:

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The RÚV addition was good but it was a year ago. Just recently I added a lot of really good material. The Íslenska fyrir alla courses and Viltu læra íslensku are probably the most efficient material for beginners-intermediate learners. Landneminn is also some really good stuff for intermediate learners. Lots of good children’s stories added recently as well: Krakkarnir í Kátugötu, Logi og Glóð, Tulipop and Umferðarskólinn-sögur. I am actively asking permissons for more good material. I am really hoping to get answers from sometime beacause they have a great amount of good material.


It’s nice to see someone put such effort in for updating the library. Thank you even if I’m not studying Icelandic!

2 Likes has such good material! Thank you for all ofyour work on this. Being able to import on LingQ in Icelandic has been amazing! I tried it before without that and it was fairly useless, due to lack of content, but I couldn’t afford the paywall. Just using it in the past month or so, has improved my studies a lot

Do you know whether it is possible to import RÚV videos similar to YouTube or Netflix? I would like to study Áramótaskaupið and Stundin Okkar in LingQ

For anyone following this thread, I am going to be putting in a lot more “Simple Icelandic” or “Einföld íslenska” lessons in the upcoming days. Both to the existing course and I will create separate ones for different themes. It’s very basic material, so perhaps not of great interest to those who have advanced a bit in their learning.

I am trying to get permissions to publish materials from It seems the authors of these materials would have to be paid for them to be used in LingQ so I am now trying to see if the authorities in Iceland, like the Ministry of culture or Ministry of education would be willing to make that happen.

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