Icelandic and Slovene epubs


Has anyone maybe found anyhwere to download free epubs and pdfs in Icelandic and Slovene?

Someone kindly suggested annas-archive,org which I totally recommend. It is great for nearly any book in most major languages, but sadly there is next to nothing on it for Icelandic or for Slovene.

I want to import a thriller or crime in Icelandic and the same one in Slovene and read both at the same time. Thinking maybe of the Harry Hole series as I have that in Norwegian.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any tips.



i need DRM free of course - and Calibre doesnt any longer get rid of DRM

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Free is going to be your issue :slight_smile:. Forlagi√į has everything written by Jo Nesb√ł translated into Icelandic and available as DRM free epubs.

I have been alternating between Stella Blómkvist and Harry Hole á íslensku at the moment and it has been working well!

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