I would love a 'no highlights' option for extensive reading

The blue and yellow lingqs are great for intensive reading of texts - and that’s the main point of Lingq I guess - but I’d love the option to turn them off for a while so I could read a text without their distraction. I.e. reading for fun and to test my comprehension of the overall narrative - then turn the lingqs back on for intensive study.


You can turn off highlighting in the settings, this creates a distraction free environment. I recommend doing this, especially when reading in a language with an inaccurate word splitting algorithm like Chinese where every lesson is filled with more or less sensible recombinations of already known words / characters. I’m always tempted to click / tap on the highlighted words, removing this temptation has improved my reading speed on easier material quite a bit (I still use highlighting when reading books).
Doing this will of course move all the blue words to known, some people are bothered by this. My position is that, you can always look them up later and create new LingQs, whenever you feel like it, so no actual harm is done.


this button may help

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Thanks for the suggestion bamboozled. I’ll try that.