I would like to put tags on the selected words afterward

I really enjoy LingQ, especially checking the words I learned.
Thank you very much for the great system.

I have one request about the import of vocabulary.

I often import the words I’ve learned in the book (to prepare for the examination “Kokuren Eiken”).
I would like to check those words afterward, so I put the tag of “Kokuren Eiken” on each word.

I sometimes feel uncomfortable, when I import many words at one time and I have to put a tag on each word.
I would be very happy if I could put certain tags on the selected words at a time.
( I suppose either would be helpful, when we put the button “Import Vocabulary” and “Import Vocabulary” appears, or when we see Vocabulary page, select the words and chooce “More actions.”)

I would be very happy if I could use what I requested today.

Thank you very much.

Batch tagging is something that we have on our todo list. I cannot say when we will get around to it though. Thank you for the input.