I would like to make a course + Would like to add Seznam (Czech dictionary) to German language learning

Hi there! I used to import my own lessons in lingQ and put them in a course, but now I can’t find the set up where I could connect all of my lesson into a course. Can anyone tell me what to do? It used to be easier a few years ago.

Also: I started learning German, but when I want to make a lingQ, I would like to use both English and Czech dictionaries. Unfortunately, with German, I don’t find the Czech dictionary to add. Am I blind or isn’t it there at all?

The simpliest way is to create a course for the 1st lesson when you are adding it. You have to choose + in the drop-down list. The new page allows to put an image and description for the course.
Every new lesson should have the course name from the drop-down list. The easiest way to have it selected automatically is to edit an existing lesson of the couse, than find a link which allows to add a new lesson into the course.

When you click the All Dictionaries link in the yellow or blue panel it opens the dictionary panel where you can change the language of the available dictionaries to see and add dictionaries from all languages.

Thanks, Mark! I managed to find it; don’t know exactly how, but it’s done. :slight_smile: