I would like to learn to read Malay Language. is there any way to do it at LingQ?

Thank you

Hi MatDeris,
Malay is not available at LingQ for now, sorry about that.

What some people including myself are doing is taking a language slot that they know they’re not going to learn, and using that as a “blank” language space. You have to import all your texts, and you lose the convenience of having dictionaries already set up for your language. So it’s a bit of a pain and you have to do more manually, but it’s sort of workable.

Right now I’m using the Polish slot to learn Indonesian.

I don’t know if this is important or not, but when I do that, I set my dictionary language to Other, in order to not mess up the community translations for that language that other people are learning.

I really wish they had a half dozen or so blank language slots for us self-directed learners to use like this, just so we don’t step on the toes of the officially supported languages. But maybe it’s more difficult to set up than it sounds.