I would like to benefit from the BF (-40%) for my Premium resubscription please

Hello Zoran
I also received the email with the 40% Black Friday offer.
My annual Premium account renewal is December 27, 2023, can I benefit from Black Friday?
How to do this in practice please? I don’t understand how to do it, Ana Rivera’s email doesn’t explain it, I usually pay with Paypal. Thank you…

tagging myself here because I am also interested :slight_smile:

I have seen the same offer as well.

I would also like to get the Black Friday bonus.

I took care of it for all of you guys @BlueBird14 @james_patrick @Matthias_576 @davideroccato and you will all get the discounted price on your next payment date.


Thank you very much, super !

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@zoran Is the discount still available? If so I would like to have it applied to my next billing cycle if possible please.

Unfortunately, it is no longer active, sorry!

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